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Want A Metal Roof? 1761 Renovations Has You Covered

Nov 24

Welcome to 1761 Renovations. We are the most reputable metal roofing business in Atlanta. We offer a broad range of siding and roofing options for your home or company. We are proud to offer our professional services at an affordable price.

1761 Renovations

I am awestruck by the beauty metal roofs provide. While I would like to have a metal roof however, my time and financial constraints have made it impossible for me. The greatest thing is that once I receive a estimate for a metal roof, I can compare all the different metal riving companies in Atlanta and choose one that is suited to my needs with the lowest price!

Metal Roofing: The Value

In terms of roofing, metal is a top option. Metal roofs are sturdy robust, weatherproof and long-lasting, making them perfect for homes of any kind. In addition, metal roofs are fairly affordable and their installation is simple, so you can be sure that your home will look beautiful while shielding your home from weather and elements.

Why do so many home owners choose a Metal Roof

Metal roofs are extremely well-known for many reasons. They're strong, wrinkle-resistant and heat reflectant. They can also cut your energy usage by up to 20% In addition, metal roofs can last for more than 50 years, which is remarkable when you consider that many other roofing materials only last for about 25 years.

There are certain things you should keep in mind when selecting the metal option for your roof replacement. First, make sure the materials are compatible with the structure of your house. Metal roofs can be inclined or flat, however they should be put in place correctly to avoid damages from wind and leaks. The second step is get a quote from an impartial roofing contractor based on your needs and personal preferences. Be aware that metal roofs require to be maintained in order for them to look good and work correctly.

What To Think About When Choosing a Metal Roof Company

When you are deciding on a roofing company that is metal there are some points to keep in mind. The first is to ensure that the company has a good reputation and is reliable. The second is to ensure that the company has the right experience and skills to properly install your metal roofing. Finally, make sure you get a written estimate so you are aware of the exact amount you are paying.

The benefits and costs of installing a metal Roof

Metal roofs can typically be put up at an affordable cost. Metal roofs can be cheaper than traditional roofing. This is especially the case when you're considering the installation of a new roof, rather than upgrading. Metal roofs are also more robust than traditional roofs, which means they will last longer and need less maintenance.

But, there are couple of costs to be considered when installing a metal roof. Metal roofs weigh more than traditional roofs, and could require extra support for installation. Secondly, they can be harder to maintain because metal is more resistant to water damage. Metal roofs are more expensive than traditional roofing so you might need to look into replacing or repairing your roof if it's damaged.

Do I have to put in an Iron Roof?

There are some things you'll need to consider before installing a metal roof. The climate is the primary factor. If your area experiences a lot of rain, then you should look at a roof that has the ability to take on water. The type of metal you select is another aspect to think about. Some metals are better for certain climates than others.

If you're unsure whether or not you need metal roofing, our remodeling is a good option. Our team of experts can assess your current needs and suggest the most appropriate option for your house.


If you're considering having a metal roof installed on your house 1761 Renovations is the right company to call. We are able to assist with all of your insulation, roofing, siding requirements. Contact us now for more information on our metal roof installation services. Check out our website to browse through our wide selection of materials and see the various kinds of roofs we can put up.

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