Powerhouses of Employment: San Antonio’s Top Employers Shaping the City’s Economy

San Antonio, a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage and a thriving economy, is home to a diverse array of employers spanning various industries. From healthcare and military to technology and hospitality, these employers play a crucial role in driving the city’s economic growth and providing job opportunities to thousands of residents. In this article, we’ll explore some of the largest employers in San Antonio, shedding light on their contributions to the local economy and the job market.

  1. USAA:

USAA (United Services Automobile Association) stands as one of San Antonio’s largest and most prominent employers. Founded in 1922 by a group of Army officers, USAA has grown into a leading provider of financial services, insurance, banking, and investment solutions for military members, veterans, and their families. With headquarters located in San Antonio, USAA employs over 35,000 people in various roles, including customer service, claims processing, IT, and finance. The company’s commitment to serving the military community and its strong presence in San Antonio make it a cornerstone of the city’s economy.

  1. University Health System:

As the primary healthcare provider for Bexar County and the surrounding region, University Health System is a major employer in San Antonio’s healthcare sector. The system includes University Hospital, a Level I trauma center, along with numerous outpatient clinics, specialty centers, and primary care facilities. With over 9,000 employees, including physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, and administrative staff, University Health System plays a vital role in delivering high-quality healthcare services to the community while serving as a teaching hospital for the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

  1. San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC):

Located on the grounds of Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, SAMMC is the largest military medical facility in the Department of Defense and a key employer in San Antonio’s healthcare sector. The center provides comprehensive medical care to active-duty service members, veterans, and their families, offering a wide range of services, including trauma care, surgery, rehabilitation, and specialty care. With over 8,000 military and civilian personnel, including physicians, nurses, and support staff, SAMMC plays a critical role in supporting the healthcare needs of the military community while contributing to the local economy.

  1. H-E-B:

H-E-B, a regional supermarket chain headquartered in San Antonio, is one of the city’s largest employers in the retail sector. Founded in 1905, H-E-B operates over 340 stores throughout Texas and Mexico, offering a wide range of groceries, household goods, and other products. With over 5,000 employees in the San Antonio area alone, H-E-B provides job opportunities in retail, distribution, manufacturing, and corporate roles. The company’s commitment to customer service, innovation, and community involvement has made it a beloved institution in San Antonio and a major contributor to the city’s economy.

  1. Northside Independent School District (NISD):

As the largest school district in San Antonio and the fourth-largest in Texas, NISD is a significant employer in the education sector. Serving over 106,000 students across 120 campuses, NISD employs over 14,000 teachers, administrators, and support staff dedicated to providing high-quality education and support services to students and families. With a diverse range of employment opportunities, including teaching, counseling, administration, and operations, NISD plays a vital role in shaping the future of San Antonio’s workforce and ensuring access to quality education for all residents.

  1. City of San Antonio:

The City of San Antonio serves as a major employer in the public sector, providing essential services and governance to the city’s residents. With over 12,000 employees working in various departments and agencies, including public safety, utilities, transportation, parks, and administration, the city plays a critical role in maintaining infrastructure, promoting public safety, and fostering economic development. Employment opportunities with the City of San Antonio range from law enforcement and firefighting to engineering, planning, and social services, offering diverse career paths for residents seeking public sector employment.

  1. Baptist Health System:

Baptist Health System, a subsidiary of Tenet Healthcare, is a leading provider of healthcare services in San Antonio and the surrounding region. With multiple hospitals, outpatient centers, and specialty clinics, Baptist Health System offers a comprehensive range of medical services, including primary care, emergency care, surgery, and specialized treatment programs. Employing over 7,000 healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, therapists, and support staff, Baptist Health System is committed to delivering compassionate, quality care to patients while contributing to the local economy as a major employer in the healthcare sector.

  1. Rackspace Technology:

Rackspace Technology, a global cloud computing company headquartered in San Antonio, is a major player in the city’s technology sector. Founded in 1998, Rackspace provides managed cloud services, hosting solutions, and IT support to businesses worldwide. With over 6,000 employees across multiple locations, including its headquarters in San Antonio, Rackspace offers job opportunities in IT, engineering, sales, marketing, and customer support. The company’s commitment to innovation, customer service, and community engagement has made it a key contributor to San Antonio’s growing reputation as a technology hub.

  1. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas (TMMTX):

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas (TMMTX), located in San Antonio, is a significant employer in the automotive manufacturing sector. Established in 2003, TMMTX produces the Toyota Tundra and Tacoma pickup trucks, employing over 3,000 workers in production, engineering, maintenance, and administrative roles. The manufacturing facility is renowned for its commitment to quality, efficiency, and innovation, with a focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship. TMMTX’s presence in San Antonio has not only created job opportunities but also contributed to the city’s reputation as a center for advanced manufacturing and automotive technology.

  1. CPS Energy:

CPS Energy, the largest municipally-owned electric and gas utility in the United States, is a major employer in San Antonio’s energy sector. Serving over 860,000 electric customers and 358,000 gas customers in the greater San Antonio area, CPS Energy employs over 3,000 workers in various roles, including power generation, transmission, distribution, customer service, and administration. The utility plays a critical role in providing reliable, affordable energy services to residents and businesses while promoting sustainability, innovation, and community engagement. CPS Energy’s workforce reflects the city’s diverse population and contributes to the local economy as a key employer in the utility industry.


San Antonio’s largest employers represent a diverse mix of industries, including healthcare, military, retail, education, technology, and public administration. With thousands of employees working in a wide range of roles and sectors, these employers play a vital role in driving the city’s economy, providing job opportunities, and supporting the community. From healthcare providers and military installations to retail chains and public agencies, San Antonio’s largest employers contribute to the city’s vibrant economy and enhance its quality of life for residents.


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