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Laser Hair Removal Prices

Jun 25

Laser Hair Removal

We are talking with Crystal Holmes from Bio2 Laser Studio in San Antonio about the top services Brides want to learn more about. While several made the list Laser Hair Removal (Reduction) came out on top with Non-Surgical Face/Neck/Chin lift was a close second. Next in line was IPL Skin Rejuvenation commonly known as a Photofacial.


  1. What areas are the best candidates for IPL or Laser Hair Removal?

    Most will have the first treatment done on the face, next would be the arms and legs.

  2. Can the service be applied to other places?
    Yes, we like to call the different area zones which also reflect the price point for each treatment. They range from Extra Small like the upper lip, chin, nose, feet, hands, and elbows.

    Next would be considered a Small zone, such as underarms, bikini area, neck, cheeks, and forehead.

    The Medium zone includes Brazilian, chest, abdomen, and halfback. Next would be the Large zone which includes the full-back, upper or lower legs, and full arms.

  3. What kind of cost is involved?

    The cost can vary with the zone but will normally range from a low of $69.00 to around $169.00.

  4. How many sessions are suggested for a good outcome?

    The normal answer would be 6 but it all depends on the individual and skin type. Some will be very satisfied after 3 sessions.

  5. Is it less costly to book all the sessions at one time?

    Yes, if you select a package the prices can be somewhat lower and many will opt for a yearly contract that saves even more. This way you can take advantage of extra savings and have all the needed areas done during the year. This also helps the Spa because we know in advance how many rooms we need to have available for services.

  6. How soon should a Bride come in for a consultation?

    The sooner the better. Some procedures take time to show the results so 90 days is a good time frame. Other procedures like a facial can be done a few days before the wedding.